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Daily updates on how to navigate the virus and economy in Southern China

As the two intertwined economies of Hong Kong and Shenzhen are ripped further apart by the coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to let you all know about the coronavirus live blog I launched 2 months ago. With Shenzhen on the mend and Hong Kong buckling down while the world spins, we have been gathering links for dealing with the crises including ways to pass time, business insights and links to analysis of the situation updated daily from a variety of sources inside and outside China.

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As businesses get back to work in Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area, my team is looking to adapt for the new normal. If you have been a user of the product in the past, please help give frank feedback. It would mean a lot to me if you contribute.

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P.S. If you don’t have time to do the survey you can send feedback to the founder by replying to this email.

- Stay safe and healthy, Brent Deverman

I'm Hiring at DFS Hong Kong

Opportunity from Brent Deverman

Sending this email to my LinkedIn contacts.

After working one year at DFS Hong Kong as a Senior Ecommerce Product Manager, I am hiring an Assistant Product Manager, Digital & E-Commerce.

We are looking for someone with the potential to become a full fledged Product Owner as we scale up to build a billion USD digital ecommerce business in our 17 global markets. This is a great opportunity to take on parts of our backlog and work with Buisness and IT to drive huge digital gains. If you are interested or know someone please send a resume to (The position is located in Hong Kong and you need to be able to speak Mandarin Chinese. Please read the full job description)

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